Inaugural Post!


I’ve got a blog! A whole website! On the internet! Incredible!

It’s not a Facebook page, it’s not a quirky Tumblr profile, it’s not a Verified™ Twitter account, it’s my own website! Where I can post anything I want! I am finally unchained from the stale, the pale, and the endless spam emails of the modern internet experience! Here I am singlehandedly counteracting the corporate coralling of the internet into tiny, tall, free-but-not-freely apportioned pens! I’m tearing out the fenceposts and winding up the barbed wire; I am reopening the prairies for the horses and buffaloes to roam wide and unencumbered! I am tearing down the Wal-Marts and replanting the oaks and birches and chestnut trees! I am lord of all that I see, here on my website of Skillagalee! (.com)! I am a god and I have a BLOG!

And I will accomplish this by taking pictures of cool rocks, plants, and animals around the country!

Anyways, as someone who came of age in roughly the same time period as the modern internet, it is genuinely thrilling to have an actual website that anybody can punch into their searchbar without having to go through some login page, or allow cookies, or sneak under and over paywalls to access mediocre content. Now, I can produce that mediocre content! For all!

So what is the point of this blog? You probably already know because I told you about it in person or over the phone, but the purpose is to document my trip across the country this spring and summer and allow my friends and family to stay updated on my travels. More information is available in the “About” page at the top of the header, including trip dates, content info, and other details. Blog posts will be conversational in style and not proofread in the slightest. The blog will update around once a week (time and internet access permitting), probably while I am doing laundry. I hope you all stay tuned; it’ll be a fun trip! And I hope you appreciate my pictures and videos from around the continent 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Well wishes,