The purpose of this blog is to share pictures and anecdotes of my 2023 road trip around the country with my friends and family back home. There’s no set update schedule, but I would like to post updates around once a week, time and internet access permitting. Posts will be in chronological order because I am a naval architect and not a web designer and even using just WordPress pushes my computer skills to the limit (many thanks to my team of engineers at Vukelich Industries Ltd. for helping set this website up!). The writing style will be conversational, barely proofread, and likely excessively rambling, just like you’d get if I was home! And rest assured that my laundry is getting done along the way, because I intend to make updates while the washer is running 🙂


What are your trip dates?

Around April 16th to around September 18th, both ends flexible due to weather, work, etc.

Where are you going?


Where will you be at any given time?

I have a list of things to see and approximate dates for each, but it’s not a set itinerary and I am going to keep things flexible. Here are some rough dates for the different places I expect to be on my road trip:

Depart Virginia: 16 April

Pacific Coast: 1 June

Pacific Northwest: 26 June

Northeast Utah: 27 July

Upper Midwest/Northern Michigan: 1 September

How are you traveling/what is your living situation?

I am tent camping/car camping all the way! I will mostly be staying in national forests, state parks, national parks, private campgrounds, etc. all the way. Text me if you have any good recommendations for BLM campsites out west!

How can we get ahold of you while you’re on the road?

Give me a call or shoot me a text! I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can. If I’m outside cell reception, shoot me an email if you’d like.

How do you use your website?

From the main page (skillagalee.com), just click on the title of any post to read the full text and see all the pictures I’ve posted with that update. Please call or text me if the website isn’t working for you so I can figure something out!

Are you unemployed?

Kind of! I am on a planned leave-of-absence from my current job. Call/text me for more information.

What are your plans for when the trip is done?

I promise I will be returning to DC when the trip is done :). I have way too many wonderful friends here to give up on this town now <3.

Can I meet you on the road somewhere?

Hell yeah! Text me if you’re doing any trips out west this summer, I’d love to meet up with you somewhere!

What’s your favorite color?


Thank you for reading, I hope you stick along for the ride!